Fulfilling Your Destiny


Year 3 is normally only undertaken by Senior Graduate students and Mentors, and is the choice to surrender to your soul’s most creative callings - a path of great happiness and blessings for all.  The question explored indepth this year is, “Who am I truly?” and “How am I called to serve?”  Your commitments bring new joy.  Your attachments fall away as you have experiences of Divine love.  Opening your mind to grace develop the gift of Vision.


Year 3 brings one to a crossroads.  With years of healing, transformation and awakening comes a remarkable sense of freedom.  What choices of career, relationship and lifestyle appeal to your heart, mind and soul?  The goal is to have sufficient courage to take the high road of enlightenment and the heart paths of compassion and service.  Only the inner voice of wisdom and the quiet voice of Spirit can take you past the distractions of the world to the peaceful presence of the Beloved.


In Year 3 you will be asked to share your gifts within the group and beyond, and to contribute in various ways to the leadership and evolution of the Destiny Programs.


Year 3 will normally extend beyond the time frames of the 3-month fall and 4-month spring segments of the Destiny Program.