Born on the West Coast near Vancouver, B.C., Henri spent much of his childhood on Vancouver Island.  He was raised on a large dairy farm  famous for it’s great ice cream and hardworking, generous family.  At  fifteen years of age, Henri had the opportunity to study at St. Anthony’s  College in Edmonton and was inspired by scholarly minds of the  Franciscans who taught there.
At nineteen, during a nine month sojourn in the high mountain villages of  Peru, Henri was asked to teach English part-time to Quechua children in a small village.  The unlikely result was the discovery of a passion for  teaching.  While getting his degree at Simon Fraser University Henri had  his first personal growth workshop experience, a gestalt group run for education students.  Being awed by the power of workshops as a tool for healing, Henri was motivated to seek out the best teachers and the most innovative training programs while traveling the world.
After a few years teaching and later running a pottery studio, Henri led his first workshop at the Carl Rogers Institute for the Studies of the Person  at the University of Southern California, Berkeley. Further work at Cold  Mountain Institute on Cortez Island and the Arica Institutes of London and New York intensified Henri’s interest in unlocking the power of the mind. After successful careers in education and business, Henri kept turning  toward his greatest passion, the development of the inner self and the  the awakening of the Cosmic Self.  Having trained with the English  Spiritualist Healer and Medium Hilda Lord, Henri spent years traveling  across Canada giving private intuitive guidance to thousands of people,  and building a large following as a respected psychic and counselor.  

Gradually, Henri’s focus shifted to leadership and training workshops, especially after encountering the healing tools found in the Psychology of Vision,  created by Dr. Chuck Spezzano of Hawaii.    Henri has helped many people,  including First Nations Communities, deepen their natural awareness of  themselves and the gifts they have come to share.  Henri teaches individuals to be aware of their spirit, which strengthens innate leadership and  healing abilities.  His students graduate with enhanced skills in problem  solving, communication, conflict resolution and team building.
Henri has been happily married for twenty-two years.  During the past  fifteen years he has lead hundreds of healing and training workshops.  More recently Henri has created and directed the Essential Self Accelerator  and Destiny Programs.  The purpose of these programs is to encourage individuals, couples and groups to function at their highest levels of  creative connection and authenticity.  The integration of body, mind, heart and soul into a unified whole creates an inner sense of peace and generates love, affluence, radiant health and happiness.  Henri’s work acknowledges each person’s giftedness and encourages individuals to open their hearts and minds and discover what they are called to create and share.