Year 2 will consist of a four-month Spring program and a three-month Fall program.  Graduation from the Destiny Year 1 program guarantees entrance into the Year 2 programs.


The call to leadership is both exciting and challenging.  The path of leadership demands that you take responsibility for everything you have created and change what does not serve your true self.  You learn to honour your family, and live within the light of Spirit’s guidance.  You step to the center of your life and choose a real life rather than being held back by victim stories.  The willingness to step through your fears, pain or illusions to fulfill your deepest commitments is a valuable modeling for those you love or serve.


Yea 2 is all about creating a better life - one based on love, confidence, commitment and service.  A leader will only be trusted to the degree that he or she displays integrity.  Greater self-love and the adoption of self-discipline allows one to mature more quickly, removing roles that have robbed you of conscious choice and true action, leaving you with an open heart and an expansive mind.